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Traditional Chinese

Sprout- Box 4


Discover our Sprout Box, the perfect Traditional book subscription box for kids aged 4 and above! Nurture their growing love for reading with our carefully curated selection of Chinese books 繁體中文 handpicked from over 20+ publishers in Taiwan. Our Sprout Subscription Box in Traditional Chinese offers captivating storylines, longer sentences, and engaging vocabulary to support young readers' development. Watch your children embark on an exciting Chinese language journey.

Each box includes:

  • A unique selection of 3 picture books in Chinese (Some books have bopomofo, depending on the publishers)
  • Curio developed Reading guides, Pinyin guides + audio read-alongs in Mandarin

* The images provided may not always accurately reflect the contents of the box. Each box you receive as part of the subscription will contain different books.

  • Boxes ship every 90 days
  • Change or cancel your subscription any time
  • For questions about refunds, please email

What you will receive in each box

Expertly curated award-winning titles from countries where the language is spoken as the mother tongue.

Reading guides, audio read-alongs and more digital print-outs available on our site.

Each box is focused on a social emotional development theme reinforcing core social emotional competencies.