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Why Curio

Good Stories Matter

A good story can make a significant impact on foreign language acquisition. However, finding books that go beyond basic phrases can be challenging. At Curio, we want to solve this problem. From leading publishers in China to small indie presses in Chile, we strive to find award-winning books that nurture a lifelong love for reading and spark curiosity in readers. With these stories, Curio subscribers can not only improve their language skills but also gain a deeper understanding of different cultures and perspectives.

A stage-based reading program for busy families.

There is still room for improvement when it comes to the variety of children's book options in a foreign language both in store and online. At Curio, we partner with publishers and bilingual educators to find unique, award-winning books from overseas that have depth and thought-provoking stories fitting to your child's age and second language. Our selections of books are shipped with Curio-developed reading guides to make storytime in a second language fun and a special bonding experience for all family members.

The best part is… You don’t need to be fluent! 

Countless scientific studies have shown that learning a second language has many benefits, including improved memory, concentration, problem-solving, and cognitive skills. However, many families may not be fluent in the language they hope to teach their children. We understand this challenge and have designed each of our boxes to include audio read-alongs, reading guides and pronunciation guides. These resources aim to help caregivers teach and learn alongside children, regardless of their proficiency level.

Being Bilingual is my superpower!

Being Bilingual is my superpower!

Meet the team


Hera Li

Hera graduated with a bachelor's and master's in Computer Engineering from Cornell University.  Originally from Singapore, she was raised in a bilingual environment in English and Mandarin. After a 13-year tech career, she found Curio by combining her engineering problem-solving mentality and bilingual passion to build a solution for bilingual families in the US. She is currently raising two bilingual kids, ages 2 and 4, in New York City with her husband.


Kimberly Atiyeh

Raised in Switzerland (which counts 4 official languages), Kimberly grew up bilingual in French and English with American-Swiss parents, and learned German and Italian in school. Being a mother herself, with a background in Communications and a love for languages, Curio’s mission speaks to her heart. She resides in Miami, with her husband and two children who are growing up to learn French, English and Spanish.