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A grow with you book club

Feature title

Bilingual 宝宝? ¡Qué lindo! Teach early developmental concepts through story and play. 

Early childhood (1-3 years old) reading success is strongly correlated with phonics (rhymes and sounds). The Buds box contains the best board and interactive books with easy-to-understand stories or rhymes to keep even the wiggliest of toddlers entertained and engaged.

The Sprout Box

Pre-schoolers (3-6 years old) develop their literacy skills fast and learn best through semantics (the understanding of the meaning of words). Our curated Sprouts box of board and picture books is the perfect gift for your preschool-aged child learning a second language alongside their ABCs and 123s. 

The curated book boxes help young learners develop their comprehension, social and emotional skills in a fun and engaging way, all through award-winning illustrations and confidence-building storylines.

The Bloom Box

Curio’s book box is the perfect companion for your young elementary-aged polygots. With appropriate stories for mastering reading and comprehension, every box opens up a treasure trove of picture books featuring exciting stories and captivating illustrations. The award-winning books included in each box will help your big kid expand their appreciation for the world and advanced concepts like science, arts, and sustainability. See their reading skills flourish, and their comprehension and literacy take flight.