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Courage Box Traditional Chinese Bud

Discover the abundant resources of our Traditional Chinese Bud Box page. Immerse yourself in the world of our award-winning books as you explore reading guides, pinyin guides, and captivating YouTube audio read-alongs.

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Courage Box Coloring Sheet 3 Courage Box Coloring Sheet 2 Courage Box Coloring Sheet 1

I can. 我會

比一比誰最長!Lets compare and see who is the longest!

哪裡才是我的家(企鵝書)? Where is my home (Replaced with "Where is my Bicycle")?

我们都好棒 We are all amazing (replacing 比一比誰最長!Lets compare and see who is the longest)

這是誰的腳踏車?Where is my Bicycle ?