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Two of our Most Beloved Bud Box Books in French and Spanish!

As-tu vu mon doudou?

A little bunny lost his blanket and gets help from all his friends to find it.
A cute little book filled with patterns, colors and animals with a repeating structure perfect for engagement and vocabulary retention. The loss of a cherished source of comfort is bound to resonate with your little one, making them as eager to find the blanket as all the animals in the story. 
1) Le doudou (leuh doo-doo): The blankie (favorite blanket/stuffed animal)
2) L’oie (lwa) : The goose
3) Les pois (lay pwa): The polka-dots
4) L’escargot (les-kar-go): The snail
5) À carreaux (ah ka-ro): Checkered (pattern)
6) La souris (lah soo-ree): The mouse
7) Fleuri (fluh-ree) : Floral (pattern)
8) Le raton-laveur (leuh rah-ton lah-veur): The racoon
9) Le coeur (leuh keuh-r): The heart
10) Le perroquet (leuh peh-ro-kay): The parrot
11) Rayé (ray-yeh) : Striped (pattern)

Available in our French Bud Subscription (part of Box #1 on the theme of Courage)

Quiero Jugar antes de dormir

It's night time, but Littlephant doesn't want to go to sleep. His father sings him the song in which the animals are quiet and then fall asleep and finally manages to get Littlephant to sleep but then something unexpected happens... The narrative captures the challenges and joys of bedtime routines in a family setting, highlighting the patience and love of parents in a playful and endearing manner.

1) tumbarse [toom-BAR-seh] : to lie down
2) llanura [ya-NOO-rah] : plain (as in a flat area of land)
3) calladito [kah-ya-DEE-toh] : quiet, silent (diminutive form)
4) la cebra [SEH-brah] : the zebra
5) despertar: to wake up
6) ponerse [po-NEHR-seh]: to put on (clothing)
7) cantar [kan-TAR]: to sing
8) hacer [ah-SEHR]: to do, to make
9) aburrido [ah-boo-REE-doh]: bored
10) partirse [par-TEER-seh] : to split, to crack up (laughing)
11) avestruz [ah-veh-STROOZ]: the ostrich
12) ¡qué susto! [keh SOOS-toh]: what a fright!
13) despertado [des-per-TAH-doh]: awakened 
Available in our Spanish Bud Subscription (part of Box #3 on the theme of Relationships)