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Curio's Summer Language Adventure: Engage and Explore with our Activity Sheets!

Welcome to Curio, your gateway to a world of diverse and enriching literature for children! At Curio, we're passionate about nurturing young minds and fostering a love for languages and cultures. If you're on the hunt for where to buy Chinese children's books, searching for captivating bilingual children's books, or eager to explore Chinese culture for kids, you've come to the right place. Our curated collection includes the best children's books in Spanish and Chinese, ensuring that your little ones embark on a literary journey that's both educational and fun. Join us as we delve into the world of Chinese children's books, bilingual resources, and so much more. Let's embark on this adventure together and inspire bilingual kiddos everywhere!

Summer is in full swing! Aside from subscribing to Curio for beautiful award-winning heritage language books to enjoy during the summer, what else can you do? We all know that consistency in language exposure is crucial. Therefore, in this edition of the Curio newsletter, we are thrilled to present three delightful tracing activities in Spanish, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese, featuring popular summer vocabulary. These worksheets allow children to explore key words related to summer, develop fine motor skills, and reinforce their language comprehension.

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Spanish Curio Summer worksheetSimplified Chinese Summer WorksheetTradtional Chinese Summer Worksheet

To further enrich the learning experience, we encourage you to engage your children by asking them three follow-up questions about summer in each language.

Let's take a look:


  • ¿Qué te gusta hacer en verano? (What do you enjoy doing in the summer?)
  • ¿Cuál es tu lugar favorito para vacacionar? (What is your favorite vacation spot?)
  • ¿Prefieres la playa o la piscina? ¿Por qué? (Do you prefer the beach or the swimming pool? Why?)

Traditional Chinese:

  • 夏天你喜歡做什麼?(What activities do you like to do in the summer?) (Xià tiān nǐ xǐhuān zuò shénme?)
  • 你最喜歡的度假地點是哪裡?(What is your favorite vacation destination?) (Nǐ zuì xǐhuān de dùjià dìdiǎn shì nǎlǐ?)
  • 你更喜歡沙灘還是游泳池?為什麼?(Do you prefer the beach or the swimming pool? Why?) (Nǐ gèng xǐhuān shātān háishì yóuyǒngchí? Wèishéme?)

    Simplified Chinese:

    • 夏天你喜欢做什么?(What activities do you enjoy in the summer?) (Xià tiān nǐ xǐhuān zuò shénme?)
    • 你最喜欢的度假地点是哪里?(What is your favorite vacation destination?)( Nǐ zuì xǐhuān de dùjià dìdiǎn shì nǎlǐ?)
    • 你更喜欢沙滩还是游泳池?为什么?(Do you prefer the beach or the swimming pool? Why?) (Nǐ gèng xǐhuān shātān háishì yóuyǒngchí? Wèishéme?)

    Remember, language acquisition thrives with consistency. So, alongside our tracing activities, let's make this summer a season of language exploration and connection. Don't miss out on the chance to nurture your child's linguistic skills and have a fantastic time together!

    Spanish Summer Tracing Worksheet Simplified Chinese Summer Tracing Worksheet Traditional Chinese Summer Tracing Worksheet