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Discover "Mi Cuerpo" - A Playful Journey of Body Parts in Spanish

Are you searching for captivating ways to introduce body parts in Spanish to your little ones? Look no further! At Curio, we're passionate about nurturing bilingual kiddos and celebrating diverse languages and cultures. We're excited to present "Mi Cuerpo" ("My Body"), a delightful addition to our second box, themed "Emotions."

A Book of Discovery and Celebration

"Mi Cuerpo" is more than just a book; it's an award-winning adventure that sparks curiosity and encourages self-expression. Selected as one of the Best Books for Kids in 2021 by the New York Public Library, this enchanting book is perfect for children aged 0-10. It invites them to embark on a playful journey through the wonders of the human body and celebrates its' uniqueness and incredible functionalities. 

Exploring Body Parts in Spanish 

"Mi Cuerpo" introduces body parts in Spanish with a touch of whim and wonder. It offers young readers a fresh perspective on their bodies, providing context and purpose that resonate with their natural curiosity. Through vibrant illustrations and engaging storytelling, this book connects body parts to a child's familiar surroundings, reinforcing the concept of "self" while highlighting the importance of belonging to a larger community—their world.

Embracing Individuality and Growth

One of the central messages of "Mi Cuerpo" is the celebration of individuality. The book encourages children to recognize that their bodies are unique, just like their experiences, memories, and dreams. It nurtures their self-awareness by emphasizing that their bodies are constantly growing and evolving.

Learn "Body Parts" in Spanish

Curious about how to say "body parts" in Spanish? ¡Vamos a aprender! (Let's learn!)

  • Los ojos [los 'o.xos] - *the eyes
  • La nariz [la na'ris] - *the nose
  • Los brazos [los 'bra.sos] - *the arms
  • La boca [la 'bo.ka] - *the mouth
  • La cabeza [la ka'θe.θa] (in Spain with the "ceceo" sound) / [la ka'se.sa] (in most Latin American countries) - the head
  • El cuerpo [el 'kwɛɾ.po] - *the body
  • Las manos [las 'ma.nos] - *the hands
  • Trepar [tre'par] - to climb
  • Cantar [kan'tar] - to sing
  • Jugar [xu'gar] - to play
  • Dibujar** [diβu'xar] - to draw

Embark on this sensory journey with "Mi Cuerpo" and Curio, and let the language adventure begin! Whether you're seeking the best children's books in Spanish, exploring bilingual options, or just diving into the world of body parts in Spanish, Curio has got you covered. Join us on this playful exploration today!

This book is available via our Spanish Bud Box subscription.