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Curio's Guide to Traditional and Simplified Chinese Books: Which Version Is Right for You?

When it comes to nurturing bilingualism in your children with Curio, the choice between traditional and simplified Chinese books can be an exciting adventure. At Curio, we understand that this decision is a personal journey, and we're here to make it enjoyable for your family. So, let's embark on this fun exploration together:

Your Family's Language Love: Start by exploring which version of Chinese your family resonates with, especially if you have members already immersed in the language. Books are not just books; they're tools for bonding, a gateway to cultural treasures, and a magical way to connect with your heritage.

School Days and Beyond: For families where Chinese is not the primary language at home, consider the version of Chinese your children learn in school. Public schools across the United States often offer Mandarin Chinese classes, but the choice between traditional and simplified characters can be as varied as the colors of a rainbow. Check with your child's school to discover their Chinese teaching style. If your little ones attend private after-school Chinese classes, online sessions, or weekend classes, don't hesitate to reach out to these institutions to get insights into their teaching approach.

Curio's Chinese Treasure Trove: At Curio, we take delight in curating our Chinese book selections, like treasure hunters on a quest for the best stories. Our traditional Chinese books come from over 20 publishers in Taiwan, while our simplified Chinese books are sourced from more than 40 publishers in mainland China. We're like literary globetrotters seeking authentic Chinese authors and translated gems (with bona fide translators). Our selections are influenced by the theme of the box and the literary delights available in each market.

While some books may have both traditional and simplified versions, our choices are based on captivating storytelling. So, each Curio box is a voyage filled with carefully selected books that beautifully align with the chosen theme.

And because we understand that language is more than just characters, we're your companions on the road to language mastery. That's why we provide PINYIN translations as a separate resource for all our Chinese books.

Accent Adventures and Lexicon Magic: Lastly, let's dive into the delightful world of accents and lexicon. In our beloved title from the Emotion box for simplified Chinese, "Dumplings and Riceball," you'll encounter the phrase "我喜欢趴在勺子里打盹儿." This charming lexicon and accent are a part of the mainland Chinese tapestry.

On the flip side, in our traditional Chinese titles, a bicycle isn't a 自行車 like in mainland China; it's a 腳踏車. These subtle yet charming differences in lexicon and accent can add a unique flavor to your reading adventure. So, think about which version of Chinese spices up your reading experience in the most delightful way.

In the world of Curio, whether you choose traditional or simplified Chinese books, your family's journey will be a colorful, engaging, and enriching one. We're here to ensure that your bilingual adventure is nothing short of magical. So, let the language exploration begin with Curio! 📚🌟