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Back to School Bilingual Vocabulary Flashcards

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It's that time of year! As our kids embark on their first weeks of school, us busy and curious parents often find ourselves repeating certain questions and using specific words repeatedly.

We ask "what did you learn?" " Did you make any new friends?" "How do you like your teacher?" - pretty much on a daily basis until we get some sort of an answer.

Am I right? This is a great opportunity to converse in your second language and teach new words to your little ones giving them some context and meaning.

Remember, repetition is key in learning a second language! You know you'll ask these questions on repeat, so consider these flashcards your memo to do so in your second language - a little family homework to kick off the year on the right foot!


Flashcards to Enhance Bilingual Learning

At Curio we developed a set of flashcards designed to facilitate bilingual conversations. Click on the appropriate flashcard link below to print your set!

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Remember, repetition is the key to learning a language. As we'll all be using these words on repeat these coming days and weeks, might as well do so in our second language to give them purpose and meaning that will stick with our little ones!

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